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小農夫錯惹傲嬌法師(?) 內建 2種美化包, 新增大量對話,9個事件,3個婚後事件(含1個CG事件),以及1個離婚事件!
2 Styles of portrait and sprite, numerous dialogues, 9 events, 3 post-marriage events (one with CG) and 1 post-divorce event!

Permissions and credits
  • English
Sorry but currently only Chinese version is available... Welcome translation! Although there are several Wizard marriage mods, I would like to introduce you a Tsundere and cute Wizard as a new character and bachelor! 
Please consider this Wizard as a new character, as he has his own background story and doesn't have the ex-wife.
This Marriage Mod includes the following:
1. Numerous daily post-marriage dialogues, and the special festival dialogues which are depending on how many hearts he has (four stages of 2, 4, 8, and 11 hearts);
2. Added NINE hearts events, THREE post-marriage event and ONE post-divorce event;
3. Now the Wizard can be invited to be your partner in the Flower Dance Festival;
4. Reimagined the map of Wizard Tower, where you can find a "secret research" of the Wizard;5. Edited the taste and response of movie, which is also depending on the hearts he gets.
5. After getting married with him, you can choose the nickname he calls you (your name, baby and daring), you can change the way you call him in the 14 Hearts Event;


Hearts Events Condition:
1.Two Hearts (06:00-09:00, Forest, Rainy)
2.1 Four Hearts - 1 (14:00-17:00, Tower, Sat. *There will be a special dialogue if the two hearts event has been triggered.)
2.2 Four Hearts - 2 (20:00-22:00, Tower, Having the item he requested in the above event. *The day will end in this event.)
2.3 Five Hearts (14:00-16:00, Tower, Tue or Wed, Having seen the Four Heart Events 1&2.)
3.1 Six Hearts - 1 (17:00-18:00, Breach, Sunny)
3.2 Six Hearts - 2 (09:00-16:00, Forest, Sunny, Mon-Fri, Having two hearts with Jas and Vincent)
3.3 Seven Hearts (10:00-16:00, Forest, Sunny, Sun, Having seen the Six Heart Events 1&2.)
4. Eight Hearts (20:00-23:00, Forest, Sunny, Sun, Having seen all the events of stages 2 and 3, Having greeted all the townies) You will receive the letter from the Wizard.
5. Ten Hearts: (Tower, Having seen all the above events)
1. 二心(06-09點、森林、下雨);
2.1 四心-1(14-17點、法師塔、星期六)*觸發過二心事件會有特別對話。
2.2 四心-2(20點-22點、帶備四心-1事件所要求的物件進入法師塔)*此事件發生後會進入第二天;
2.3 五心(14-16點、法師塔、星期二或三、發生過四心系列兩個事件);
3.1 六心-1(17-18點、沙灘、晴天);3.2 六心-1(9-16點、森林、晴天、星期一至五、和JAS及VINCENT分別有兩心好感);
3.3 七心 (10-16點、森林、晴天、星期日、發生過六心系列兩個事件);
4. 八心(發生過第2階段及第3階段所有事件會收到法師的信**、20-23點、森林、晴天) *觸發過二心事件會有特別對話;
5. 十心(發生過上述所有事件進入法師塔)。

Post-Marriage Events Condition:
1. Eleven Hearts (14:00-17:00, Tower, Thu, not the Winter, Known Krobus).
2. Twelve Hearts (09:00-17:00, Town, Sat, Sunny) You will receive the letter from the Mayor.
3. Forteen Hearts (09:00-17:00, Town, Sunny) *There is a follow-up event (with CG) when you come home at night, the day will end in this event.
1. 十一心(14-17點、法師塔、星期四、不是冬天、認識小黑)
2. 十二心(收到鎮長的信後、09-17點、城鎮、星期六、晴天)
3.十四心 (CG事件)(09-17點、城鎮、晴天)*發生過十一心事件的當晚回家,會有後續事件(含CG),此事件發生後會進入第二天。

Post-Divorce Event Condition:
I will not disclose the condition of this event, as I don't want to see someone divorcing with him for the reason of this event. Just can tell you may find his "friend" after divorcing with the Wizard.


The Style of Portrait and Sprite and, the Way He Call You after getting married:
1.  This MOD is NOT compatible with another portrait and sprite mod. However, there is two styles of portrait. You can change the style by setting “Default” / "White" in the column of “WizardStyle” contained the config.json. 
2. You can change the way he calls you by setting "Name"/"Baby"/"Darling" in the column of “Nickname” contained the config.json. (He will call you by your name by default)
1.本MOD不兼容其他美化MOD, 但已包括兩種美化包可供使用,只需在config.json中的"WizardStyle"填入對應的指令: 紫毛- "Default"、白毛 "White".
2.婚後改稱呼,只需在config.json中的"Nickname"填入對應的指令: 名字- "Name"、寶寶 "Baby"、親愛的 "Darling". (默認法師婚後叫你的名字。)


The Compatibility:
I have updated the version which is compatible with SVE. However, please do not enable the Mature Events, as one of those events are inconsistent with the story line of this mod. 
已新增和SVE相容的版本。SVE有一系列 年齡限制的事件(默認為關),當中某部分內容和本MOD有極大的沖突,因此,絕對不能開啟這些事件喔。


Special Thanks and Copyright:
The portraiture used in this Mod is created by Quilb and consolidated (with permission) and added the flower dance sprites by Erinyang,CG(s) are provided by Diaoru and MolaMola respectively, the permission of use has been duly obtained. However, nothing contained in the permission shall constitute or be considered to be a transfer of any Intellectual Property Rights. All intellectual property rights in the modding code and the portraiture are respectively vested and shall remain vested in me and the authors.