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Content Patcher version of Drogean's "Better Artifact Dig spots",
Replaces the 'Worms'/'Roots' vanilla Dig spot markers with much more visible bouncing chests/ eggs

Permissions and credits
What Does This Mod Do?
  • Replaces the artifact dig spots with much more visible bouncing chests/ eggs.
it does nothing else to the dig spots

  • because of the nature of the mod, this may not be compatible with other mods that edit the Loose sprites

Installation Instructions (Manual)

1.) Download/ install the latest version of SMAPI
2.) Download/ install the latest version of Content Patcher
3.) Download this mod (choose only 1 of bouncing chests or egg) and unzip it into the Stardew Valley/mods folder
4.) Run your game using SMAPI

* All credit for the creation of this mod goes to the original mod author Drogean´╗┐, files used with explicit permission

** This is my first Nexus mod upload, and I am by no means a professional. If you have any issues, I will attempt to help but there is a good chance that I will not be able to ~sorry in advance 

*** I am fairly new at creating/ editing content patcher mods, if you have any suggestions for improving the compatibility of this mod, please let me know as I would be happy to learn!