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A Way to retroactively get Achievements, mail (recipes) and special items that somewhat bugged.


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All achievements but from prairie king are retroactively analyzed and unlocked.

All recipes from relationship are validated and unlocked.

[WIP] Special items are analyzed and added, currently only Dark Talisman's being checked.

i was inspired by: RetroActiveAchievements, but it didn't fixed my problem.

then i wrote myself one.

Source: Github
You may configure which checks you want to run on config file:

  "AchievementsCheck": true,
  "SpecialsCheck": true,
  "RetroMail": true,
  "ArtisanAchievementShouldUseRecipeCount": false, 
  "RecipeCountForArtisanAchievement": 98

if you have modded recipes and it just bugged because some of the recipes isn't avaiable then you could set "ArtisanAchievementShouldUseRecipeCount" to true
and customize the minimum recipe count on : "RecipeCountForArtisanAchievement"(default: 98).

you may check how many recipes you have crafted on: stardew-checkup

You may configure which checks you want to run on config file:


Q: How it works?
A: At begining of the day, it'll trigger my check.

Q: Why prairie king achievements are not checked?
A: there's other mods that active those achievements, and i didn't find it useful.

Q: Why just the dark talisman was the only special item fixed?
A: My wife is a completionist, and the only special item that she couldn't get was this.

Q: Where i should alert about bugs?
A: please use github, Issues.

Q:  Does this works on multiplayer?
R: Yes, it does sir!