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Retroactively trigger any steam achievements you've missed unlocking while playing the game

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If you play the game without the steam overlay and have missed unlocking achievements on steam, install this mod.
The first time you load the game with this mod, it will scan all your achievements and unlock them on steam.
You'll know if worked if you here the achievement chime (and more importantly if you go to your steam page and see the achievements have been updated.
After that you can safely delete the mod (until you need it again).

Note: At this time this only does the achievements in the achievements collection tab. Steam only achievements are scattered throughout the code and I'd have to track down each one and do a check to see if you have it, which is more code than I'm willing to parse through and write right now.

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A word of warning. I reset my steam progress for this game while testing. Once the mod worked I re-unlocked all achievements. Like any mod, there is a danger in something going wrong (especially if this becomes out of date etc) and you assume risk when installing / using a mod. It worked for me, but I'm not heavily testing these things.