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Allows you to extend the range of tool use and seed/object placement when using mouse controls.

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Playing with mouse controls, but find it annoying walking up to things just to get in range? This mod lets you customize the maximum range of tools and object placement, allowing you to use tools on tiles further away, plant seeds easily, and place objects at range!

Note that this extended range is generally only applied when mouse-clicking, and things will otherwise work as usual. This mod is thus mainly intended for mouse and keyboard play, where you have a free-moving cursor. I don't currently plan on adding any sort of "controller support."

Also, nothing else about your tools is affected. They still use the same animation, consume the usual amount of stamina, and can be upgraded as normal. Charged tool functionality is also unaffected.


  1. Install the latest version of SMAPI.
  2. Unzip the RangedTools folder into Stardew Valley/Mods.
  3. Run the game using SMAPI.

User Configuration (edit config.json)

NOTE: Not much is affected under the default settings, so make sure to change these to what you want!

AxeRange / PickaxeRange / HoeRange / WateringCanRange (1 or greater, -1 for unlimited range)
The maximum range of each tool, in tiles.

In the base game (and under default settings), all tools have a range of 1, which means you can reach things 1 tile away, or more specifically, act on any tile within a 3x3 square centered on your farmer. Range 2 is a step further: anything within 2 tiles away, AKA any tile within a 5x5 square centered on your farmer. This number can go as high as you want. If you just want a little more leniency with how close to the "target tile" you have to be, I recommend range 2.

Setting a tool's range to -1 removes all range restrictions, allowing you to target any tile on screen.

SeedRange / ObjectPlaceRange (1 or greater, -1 for unlimited range)
Same as the tool ranges above, but for seeds/fertilizer and other placeable objects respectively. For instance, setting SeedRange to -1 will basically let you stand still and plant seeds, and setting ObjectPlaceRange to -1 makes it easier to move machines and decorations around.

Note: Placing Crab Pots always uses default range (1 tile), as extended range would allow you to place a Crab Pot somewhere that's too far away to retrieve it again. Sorry.

AxeUsableOnPlayerTile / PickaxeUsableOnPlayerTile / HoeUsableOnPlayerTile (true or false)
In the base game (or with false setting), you cannot use a tool on the tile you're currently standing on, with the exception of the Watering Can. Setting these options to true will allow that tool to be used on the tile you're standing on. Recommended for the Hoe if you find tilling soil unwieldy.

ToolAlwaysFaceClick / WeaponAlwaysFaceClick (true or false)
Makes your farmer face toward the cursor when you click to use a tool or melee weapon respectively, even if you click outside the range. You may find this more natural, especially for melee weapons, as you'll at least use the tool/weapon in the general cardinal direction you clicked in.

CustomRangeOnClickOnly (true or false)
By default (true), this mod only takes effect when pressing a "use tool" button that is a mouse button. If you want it to work even when pressing a keyboard or controller "use tool" button, set this option to false. This will cause it to try and target the current cursor position always, so it's not recommended if you aren't actively moving the mouse around.

Possible Mod Conflicts

This mod affects the "use tool" function (adding an override for what tile the tool acts upon), as well as a range-checking function (in order to extend range of seed/object placement). I aimed to make them as unobtrusive as I could.

However, because the former in particular completely overrides the original function in many cases, it's possible that similar tool functionality mods operating in the same area may not work, or cause this mod to not work. This might be something I could fix on a case-by-case basis, but who knows.

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