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Want to change up the look of the fish, crab pots, and beach forageables in the game to be more realistic? Want more toned down colors? Look no further!

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Want to change up the look of your fish, crab pots, and beach foraging in the game? Then you've come to the right place!

Better Fishing and Beach Foraging's goal is to change the look of all fish, crab pot creatures, and beach foraging items to be more realistic, and thus a little more toned down in color. It should be a little more pleasant on the eyes overall, and goes great with any other toned down map recolors you might be using. All you need is SMAPI and Content Patcher to make things work!

This mod also affects the pearl, squid ink, and algae.

This mod is a Work in Progress, and thus some fish are missing and will be added later.
To Be Added:
River Fish:
Perch, Catfish, Pike, Sunfish, Herring, Tiger Trout, Chub, Dorado, Shad, Woodskip
Ocean Fish: Red Mullet, Red Snapper, Tilapia, Albacore, Flounder, Halibut 
Lake Fish: Sturgeon, Bullhead, Carp, Lingcod
Night Market Fish: Spookfish, Blobfish
Fishing Trash: Trash, Driftwood, Soggy Newspaper, Broken CD, Broken Glasses, Joja Cola

Download Instructions:
1.) Make sure you have both SMAPI and Content Patcher downloaded and ready.
2.) Download this mod from Nexus.
3.) Drag and drop the unzipped file to your mod folder, and presto!
4.) Load up Stardew and enjoy!
5.) Config file will be created upon first loading the mod. Switch any fish/forageables to 'false' if you would like to avoid using them.

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