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A Content Patcher dialogue mod adding 300+ new lines of dialogue for Elliott to make him a flirtier, more interesting bachelor.

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After 2021-22 updates this mod is experiencing issues where Elliott may cease to speak or not have his usual events trigger. This appears to be due to a conflict with the randomization function in the newest version overriding changes in Elliott's behavior.

Using the Version 1.0 and 1.1 that does not have randomization worked correctly in the tests I ran using the most up to date game (as of 2/10/23).

If you run into errors with this mod, please message or comment the version used, what the issue was, and when it occurred (year, season, event, etc.) and any other mods you have that add or change Elliott's dialogue so I can troubleshoot.

Tired of reading the same canned lines again and again? Wish your Elliott was a more flirtatious suitor and a more interesting conversationalist?  Upset our favorite writer seems to have no friends? You need look no further than this mod!

This mod expands Elliott's dialogue to add over 300 lines of new dialogue including season and location specific dialogue.  All dialogue is PG 13, though Elliott can get quite suggestive.

The new Elliott is more flirtatious at 10 hearts and when married, and is always willing to share tidbits of Stardew valley lore he learns while researching. No longer an absolute loner, Elliott now is closer friends with Willy and Leah, and will reference them in conversation. Willy will also reference Elliott or "the lad" , allowing for a more immersive experience.

Version 1.2 now features random dialogue after Year 3.
****Note** This version 1.2 appears to be causing conflicts with Elliott's existing dialogue.

  • If using other dialogue mods that edit Elliott's dialogue file, you must load this one last, otherwise his new dialogue will not appear.
  • While I've tested most of the dialogue and questions, some lines are still untested. If you notice any issues, including spelling issues, please let me know what date, season, heart, and location the dialogue issue occurred at so I may resolve. 
  • If dialogue did not appear and should have, please let me know as well.

Future Plans
  • Adding conditional dialogue for weather, key events, and other marriage candidates
  • Adding custom events
  • Adding more interactive questions
  • Expanding Willy's dialogue 
  • Expanding Leah's dialogue
  • Adding optional dialogue versions for those using Stardew Valley Expanded
  • Sebastian Dialogue version

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