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Hello everyone! I'm sorry it has been soo long, but I'm finally getting around to updating some of my mods. This mod in particular has NOT been updated by me, but has been migrated to a Content Patcher version by coldazrael and updated once more by Pathoschild himself. You guys are awesome and I appreciate you maintaining these updates. So for consistency, I am uploading the newest version that will hopefully stick for some time while I read up on how to get my other mods up and running again. If you used my mods in the past, hopefully I will have something to show for them very soon. As far as I know, these new versions should no longer require Advanced Location Loader or Entoarox Framework, but also a HUGE thanks to Entoarox for baring with my stupid questions over the years to help me create these mods in the first place!


This mod will add a HUUUGE basement along with a more realistic-sized attic space. Items/objects are able to be placed throughout the structure. Unfortunately, as a reoccurring problem in the modding community, (as it will continue to be for some time) wallpaper & flooring can only be changed in the main portion. As a newer mod, this is an initial release and will most likely change in future developments in terms of depth and quality. To keep up with development or add your input, please refer to this thread. This mod requires SMAPI along with Advanced Location Loader which relies on Entoarox Framework. And as always, this file is not authorized to be reuploaded to other sites such as, or any other sites that insist on stealing the work of others' for their own personal gain. A special thanks to the ones who have continually followed my mods and also users who have even donated! Most recently, thank you, Kimberly L. and Rachel S. Your generosity will not go unnoticed! Your donations have gone towards my data limit to allow me to bring more files to the community in a timely fashion along with the support of other indie developers.