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This mod is rather simple, it uses Shop Tile Framework to add animal produce to Marnie's shop as you become better friends!

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Have you ever wondered why Marnie never decided to sell produce from her animals?
Well, now she does!

This simple mod requires SMAPI, Shop Tile Framework and also uses the Mail Framework Mod to tell the player
when Marnie has upgraded her store. The Mail Framework Mod is not required, but
is definitely recommended for optimal experience.

As stated above, her shop grows as you become better friends. Below is a list of her
new items and how many hearts needed for them:
- Milk (2 Hearts)
- Eggs (2 Hearts)
- Large Milk (3 Hearts)
- Wool (4 Hearts)
- Duck Eggs (4 Hearts)
- Goat Milk (5 Hearts)
- Large Goat Milk (6 Hearts)
- Dinosaur Egg (9 Hearts, 1 in store per day)
- Truffle (10 Hearts)

This mod really isn't made for you to make money, so all the values are the base value of the item x3.
(For example: Milk is worth 125, so Marnie sells for 375)

However, you could technically modify it relatively easily. Just open the "shops.json" and change the value. 

I made this mod because I'm working on a custom NPC mod named "Aspen" and she buys milk from Marnie.

I am aware the dino egg doesn't make sense, but it's there to
reward players for befriending her!