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Changes the 'Pam Is Thirsty' story quest to require juice instead of pale ale. You can avoid being an enabler for Pam's alcohol habits.

Permissions and credits
Traduction française incluse! (mes propres efforts)
Tradução para o português incluída, graças ao YuugenKyungMi2SV!

Don't Enable Pam

I always try to avoid giving alcohol to Shane or Pam... even though they love it. But for the "Pam Is Thirsty" quest received by mail on Summer 14 in Y1, you have to deliver a pale ale. I wrote this mod to change that.

Don't Enable Pam mod replaces the "Pam Is Thirsty" quest objective to have you deliver juice! It also modifies the quest description, mail, and dialogue with new flavor text to reflect this change.


Pam will still mention pale ale, but says that Penny is trying to get her to drink more juice instead. Pam asks the farmer to bring her some; the quest will be completed with the usual rewards when you deliver the juice to Pam (any type).

NOTE: if it's hard to imagine Pam asking for juice, there is an alternate version: Penny can send you the quest mail instead, asking you to deliver some juice to her mom. You can choose which version to use in this mod's config settings.

This mod works on all new and existing saves, even if you've already received the original quest, deleted the original quest, or completed it! If you already received the original quest version at some point, this mod will replace it by delivering a new quest letter to your mailbox. Opening the mail will add the updated version to your quest log.

If you haven't yet opened your original quest letter, this mod will change its contents to give you the new quest version from the start.


This mod already includes full translations for French and Portuguese! If you would like to help translate this mod to other languages, you can contribute here. Submitted translations will be included in future mod updates.

User Information
  • Stardew Valley v1.4 or later;
  • Content Patcher v1.16.0 or later (v1.16.4 and up recommended);
  • Linux, Mac, Windows, and Android.
  • Single-player and multiplayer. This mod only affects the player who uses it.

  1. Install the latest version of SMAPI.
  2. Install the latest version of Content Patcher.
  3. Download this mod from the link in the header above.
  4. Unzip the mod and place the [CP] Don't Enable Pam folder inside your Mods folder.
  5. Run the game using SMAPI.

If you have not yet read the original quest letter before using this mod, you will get the new version of the letter and quest as soon as you read it. If you have already read the original quest letter, playing a savefile with this mod installed will remove the old quest from your quest log (if it is still there) and immediately add new quest mail to your mailbox. Reading the letter will add the new version of the quest to your log.

Config Settings
After running SMAPI at least once with Don't Enable Pam (and Content Patcher) installed, a config.json file will be created inside the [CP] Don't Enable Pam mod folder. Open it in any text editor to change your config settings.

Choose which character should send you the updated quest letter. Options: "Pam" or "Penny". Defaults to "Pam".

(Players should not change this setting. It is only used for specific debugging situations that do not occur with normal use.)
Defaults to false.

  • Much gratitude to ConcernedApe and Pathoschild!
  • Thanks to those who provided help and support in the Stardew Valley Discord #making-mods channel.
  • Hat-tip to discussion in the #seasoned-farmers channel that originally inspired the idea for this mod!
  • Many thanks to YuugenKyungMi2SV for doing translations!


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