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Just finished my latest mod for Stardew Valley! Introducing...



Angry Grandpa - Farm Evaluation Overhaul


Overhauls the entire grandpa evaluation system. New (and new old) dialogue options, new difficulty settings, bonus rewards, points display, initial visit rescheduling, and some very fun expressive portraits for when grandpa yells at you! Grab it on Nexus.



Check out my other mods!


Fish Preview


Shows a preview of the fish you are currently catching during the fishing mini-game! Can be set to show a preview for all fish or only species you've caught before. Also works in other languages and with mods that add new fish. Grab it on Nexus.


Show Item Quality


Shows star quality in the HUD pop-up when you harvest crops, collect animal products, gather forage, catch fish, and empty machines. A nifty quality-of-life feature found only in mobile SDV, but now you can get it on PC! Grab it on Nexus.


Custom Spouse Nicknames (CP)


Allows you to personalize the pet names/nicknames that your NPC spouse will use when talking to you. (Dear, Honey, Pookie, etc.) Grab it on Nexus.


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