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Adds 11 new note blocks to the game, based on the Flute and Drum blocks, to allow the creation of 8-bit tunes.

Permissions and credits
How to Install:
- Unpack the file and place both folders in the Mods folder.

Important Information:
1. If you change the tune of a block while holding a tool or holding nothing, you will change the tune twice. It is very useful to get to an specific tone faster.

2. For a better experience in the creation of long chains of note blocks, its advised to install CJB Cheats and CJB Item Spawner.

3. If you´re using the cheat mods stated above, you won´t be able to find the paths on CJB Item Spawner, due to a problem in the CustomPaths framework. As a workaround, you can set the time to 9:00 AM, teleport yourself to the desert, and give yourself some money to purchase the custom paths directly from Sandy, all using CJB Cheats.

4. The note blocks use the native PC volume, so you're able to completely mute the game object sounds and still hear the note blocks.

- 11 types of note blocks: 5 basic blocks, their "Deep" (Low pitch) counterparts, and a Noise block.

- 6 Food items, designed to, if combined correctly, give a big range of speed buffs (From -5 to +7).
*Vodka was renamed to Absinthe

- 6 types of paths, which give certain speed buffs, made for dynamic speed while playing songs.

Guide for Music Creation:

Each note block represents a sound wave, where the name comes from the shape of the wave. These waves are generally used when making 8-Bit music.

Each note block has 25 different tones, that represent two full octaves. A "Deep" block goes from C2 to C4, and a normal block goes from C4 to C6. When both blocks are combined, you get a huge set of 4 octaves, or 49 different tunes.

When placing blocks, you can group them and create measures. In a song, most measures are the same size and speed. To define a measure, I advice to place paths in the ground. This also makes knowing where to place each note block easier.

Usually, music is measured in Beats Per Minute. The more beats per minute, the faster is the song. If we represent every tile as a single beat, the formula to calculate the BPM that will play with a certain speed is the following: (56.04 * speed) / space per beat. The speed refer to the speed value of the player. A running player has a speed of 5, which can be affected with various buffs, paths, or the horse. The space per beat refers to the blocks between one beat and another. If you leave bigger spaces, you can also fit smaller notes in an area, as quavers.

The food items allow a great combination of speed buffs. Here is a chart of the speeds available, the way to achieve them, and the Beats Per Minute (BPM) that they represent in-game, with certain configurations. You can also change your speed without having to stop to eat food, using the custom paths, or CJB Cheats.

Certain configurations of the custom paths allow you to simulate fractional speeds, by alternating them. Althought they are not perfect, they are quite helpful. You can calculate the speed you need for certain BPM with the formula: (BPM * space per beat) / 56.04. Here are some examples:

To get a specific note in a block, you need to click in the block and change its pitch. Each click increments the pitch 1/12 of an octave, and each click with a tool increments the pitch by 2/12. Here is a chart with the amount of clicks to get to each note.

The Noise Block is an special case. It contains 24 diferent tunes: 8 long noises, then 8 short, then 8 long which slowly fade. These noises contain 8 "pitches" (Noise doesnt actually have a pitch, but it works in a similar way. Clicking 8 times will cycle you to the next type of noise.

This mod was created for the SDV Discord Summer Contest, with the theme: waves.
Bugs are expected, so Ill try to fix them! Any suggestions, comments, etc, you can type them in the discussion tab, or message me in Discord: Yaramy#3165.
If you create a song using this mod, you can message me too with it! I would love to watch/listen to it. <3
Thanks for checking out my mod!