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Adds an event where your spouse finds out that you are pregnant! Adds an event when you or your spouse gives birth!

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So far, the bachelors have birth scenes. I am working on the bachelorettes! 

I playtested Sebastian's birth scene myself. Please let me know if you are having problems with viewing the other bachelors' birth scenes. 

Also, this mod is not currently compatible with kdau's Pregnancy Role mod. (You must be female to be pregnant.) Hopefully, in the future, I can make this mod compatible, but for now, if you want to see yourself "give birth" in these events (it's not graphic at all!), please play as a female character. Thanks! 

Let's be honest - Stardew Valley doesn't handle the whole pregnancy/birth thing very well. 

So I made an event where the bachelors react to finding out that you are pregnant, and where the bachelorettes find out that they are pregnant! 

I'm currently working on birth events for the bachelors and bachelorettes! Also possibly pregnant sprites?! 

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Mod Overview: 
The pregnancy event will trigger the day (6:10 am or later) after you choose to have a baby with your spouse. 
A letter will arrive in your mailbox the day after you see the pregnancy event. To see the birth event on the correct day, you need to see this letter! 
The birth event should trigger 14 days after the pregnancy event. (You will need to choose a name for your baby prior to seeing the birth event.)

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