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Streamlines the gift-giving process by adding a context-sensitive icon next to the cursor to indicate an NPC's likes, dislikes, and other important information.

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I threw this together because I got really tired of forgetting what gifts certain Villagers liked and disliked, particularly the ones who don't like generic stuff like beer or coffee. The game remembers this information, but you have to navigate the menus to look it up (or check the wiki), which is inconvenient, and in multiplayer, can waste precious time.

When holding a giftable item while hovering over a Villager, if it's a gift you've given them before, an icon will show next to the cursor to indicate if they've liked it in the past. This will save you the time of going into your relationships menu to manually check their likes and dislikes.
Additionally, an icon will show if the item given will fulfil a quest, if it's the Villager's birthday, if you've maxed out your gifts for that Villager, and a few special items.

Here's a detailed list:
  • "Emoji" icons will indicate the Villager's attitude toward that item - IF you've already given it to them in the past. Indicates LOVE, LIKE, NEUTRAL, DISLIKE, and HATE.
  • If you've already given the Villager a gift that day, or two that week, an X or SLASH icon will show to save you the hassle of clicking through the message. An exception is with your spouse, who ignores the two-gift-per-week limit; or, if it's the Villager's birthday.
  • If it is their birthday, a BIRTHDAY CANDLE icon will appear.
  • If you've accepted a quest, and you're giving the wanted item to the Villager who posted the quest, an EXCLAMATION icon will show. PURPLE EXCLAMATION icons will show for secret/hidden quests if you've allowed it in the configuration (see below).
  • The PICKAXE, FISH, and SWORD icons will appear if interacting with the Villager will complete a resource collection, fishing, or monster slaying quest.
  • When giving a bouquet or wilted bouquet, a HEART or BROKEN HEART icon will show.
  • If it's the Villager's birthday, and additional CANDLE icon will show.
  • Special icons will show when giving certain specific gifts: the MOVIE TICKET, MERMAID'S PENDANT, VOID GHOST PENDANT, and WEDDING RING.

Additionally, a config file can be edited to enable two "cheat modes" which are disabled by default:
  • Show Villagers' gift tastes regardless of whether you've gifted the item beforehand.
  • Enabling the quest icon for "hidden" quests in the game. There are only a few of these quests in the game and sometimes the required item and/or correct recipient is ambiguous so having this enabled could spoil the fun. If enabled, hidden quests will show a PURPLE EXCLAMATION icon.

I hope you'll all find this as convenient as I do. And if anyone has suggestions or finds any issues, please let me know.