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It changes the Budget TV's appearance to look like it actually fills the space it needs.
Now with recolor options thanks to Oceannist!

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Are you tired of feeling that your TV table leaves a great deal of unoccupied space next to the wall?
Then this is the mod you are looking for!
It's a simple change that makes your Budget TV table bigger so that it actually looks like it's using the 2x2 grid spaces it needs.

This is my first mod! :) 
I made it for myself because I was tired of trying to place the TV one tile up against the wall, only for the game to tell me that I couldn't hang that object in the wall, and remember that it was actually a 2x2 tiles object, although it seemed like a 2x1 one.

I decided to upload this mod just in case anyone else feels they need this too. I made it to be used with Content Patcher, so that it doesn't have to replace the whole furniture.xnb file, for it to be able to be used with other furniture mods as well. It's only incompatible with mods that replace the same Budget TV icon.

To install it you only need Pathoschild's SMAPI and Content Patcher mods.
Then, only unzip the mod into the Mods file and you are ready to go!

(Even tho the description says to go into as much detail as possible, I don't think there is more to say about this ^_^ It changes the Budget TV's appearance to look like it fills the space it needs. That's all there is to say).

Thanks to Oceannist it now has recolor options to match with the furniture of your choice!
Use the config.json file (generated after running the game with the mod installed for the first time) to change colors from vanilla to birch, mahogany, oak or walnut.