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The greenhouse exterior is now a tardis (Doctor Who). There is a Content Patcher version, and a XNB file version.

Permissions and credits
My little brother wanted a tardis in his game, so I asked him which building he would replace in theory. And then I stayed up all night making the greenhouse (chosen building) into one.

The user uknownearth did everything involved with coding and turning this into a Content Patcher mod. They also came up with the concept of decorating the platform (they put a swing set and I expanded on that idea), and turned the repaired stall texture into the amazing unrepaired one (seriously, that took more skill than I have). They tested everything to make sure textures lined up and worked. And I would be cruel to not mention that they have been very patient with me throughout this process, and made sure we were both happy with the result. 10/10, would eagerly work with them again.

This only changes the exterior texture. The interior and any dialogue remains unchanged.

We are working on making the greenhouse repair sound into the tardis materializing sound.

Install Instructions

Content Patcher

Unzip the folder into your mods folder. The mod is installed. There is a config.json provided. Use this to change which decoration is behind the Tardis, from three options.

This CP version also works on mobile phones!

XNB File

The default file path is (C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Stardew Valley\Content\Buildings). Simply drag out the default houses.xnb file, and drag in the new one. To uninstall, drag out the new file and put the original back.