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Allows user customization of the Fishing mechanics included in the game, with features like difficulty, rewards and condition tweaks, as well as Auto-Reeling the hooked fish and overriding fish types regardless of the area where the player is located.

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# Requirements
- StardewValley v1.4.5 or greater.
- SMAPI v3.6.1 or greater.

Works with v1.5.0. Please feel free to open a post if you found any issue.

# Installation

- Decompress the downloaded zip file.
- Copy and paste the descompressed files in a new directory named `SvFishingMod`. od.cfg (optional)
- Move the `SvFishingMod` folder to the `Mods` directory of your StardewValley installation. If you dont have a `Mods` directory, please ensure you have already downloaded and installed SMAPI from the SMAPI Homepage at and have launched the game at least once after its installation.

# Usage
When first run, the mod includes a default configuration that completely skips the Fishing minigame when a fish is hooked, automatically reeling it up the player's inventory. No other customizations are made, fish types that can be reeled on specific map areas are unchanged, as well as fish quality and treasure conditions.

To further tweak the fishing mechanics, you need to edit the Mod configuration file (`svfishmod.json`) located in the mod's directory. This file is created automatically once the game has been launched at least once with the mod installed.

For more information check the mod repository at GitHub