Stardew Valley
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  1. lynnangelafigg
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    im really enjoying this mod, its making the game much more interesting to play but there are some issues ive come across. Although i dont expect there to be seeds for sale at Joja or Pierres or the desert store, I would have expectd to see the travelling sales man selling seeds occasionally. The rare seed is there but no others when it is predicted that he should have them. The wild seeds are never going to produce any plant that grows on a stick such as green beans or a bush plant such as blueberries, so unless the travelling saleman ever sells a green beanand a blueberry , I cannot complete the community centre. According to the predictor, he was to have sold a bean starter twice by now (year 2) but it wasnt in his inventory and there is no green bean predicted until i hit year 5. Just a suggestion but the travelling sales man should have the seeds predicted. If its not possible to program that in then ill just have to decide if im to wait another 3 game years or force the item code, just very reluctant to cheat
  2. ruunyastardew
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    neat, been looking for a new hard version to start a new game
  3. keepsyou
    • member
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    this is a really interesting concept. who gives you the seed maker?
    1. lech43
      • member
      • 18 posts
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      Thank you for your interest. A dialog box appears after the intro when you start anew. You can get seed makers from dialog box.