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  1. ClassicNoir1
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    She became Jessica Lange.
    You did you an actual awesome job btw!
  2. mindinavoid
    • premium
    • 406 posts
    • 15 kudos
    Honestly, my only beef with this mod is the cleavage in the alt portrait. If the neckline of the dress were even two pixels lower with that same cleavage present, it wouldn't look so out of place, IMO, but it's nearly level with her shoulders--makes it looks like she's wearing a push-up bra while lying on her back. Easy enough for me to edit for personal use, at least, but I couldn't go without saying something, because the internet has trained all of us that the presence of a comment section necessitates commentary regardless of poignancy.

    (That was a self-roast, for the record.)
  3. semulath
    • member
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    Thank you! I've been waiting for a 1.1 mod for Emily. The blonde hair was a great surprise!
  4. 2Scribble
    • member
    • 250 posts
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    I always thought it was bizarre how little Emily and her sister look like each other. If I might make a suggestion - maybe do a sub-sub mod where Haley and Emily have the same eye color as well.
  5. Jokerine
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    • 10,728 posts
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    Good stuff, thank you!