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Now we have a School for Penny, Vincent and Jas! A new NPC will come to the Pelican Town too!

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  • Turkish
  • Mandarin

This mod adds a School to the Town. Now, Penny can teach the kids in an appropriate place with a huge classroom, refectory, playground, laboratory and much more!

There is two new amazing cutscenes before the construction of the school. You will have a lot of fun with this new content.

Available in ?? 
English, ?? Brazilian Portuguese, ?? Spanish and ?? Korean.

I hope you enjoy!


2 new cute and funny cutscenes
1 new building in Town
2 new locations
1 new NPC (Rose)
New dialogues
New schedules
A lot of easter eggs! Can you find all of them inside the School?

Installation guide

Download and unzip. You can simply copy and paste it to your Mods folder.

Don't forget to download the required mods. Use the "requirements" tab above to check what mods are required.

How to start playing?

You need to have at least:

6 friendship hearts with Penny;
750,000 gold.

Then proceed to this tutorial.


1) Building the School

Go to the Carpenter's Shop when you have the requirements above. The build price is 500,000 gold, but the minimum amount required is 750,000 so you will not get out of money.


2) School Inauguration

Since you accepted Robin's offer, you will receive a letter next day. Go to the Town, does not matter the weather.


Schedules and Dialogues

A day AFTER the school inauguration, Penny, Vincent and Jas will change all their schedules and will go to the school, except the weekends. Even if you are married Penny, she will follow the new schedule. There is new dialogues.

Rose, the new NPC

School is too big to accepts only Vincent and Jas. So, we have Rose, a cute girl from a neighboring village. You can give her some gifts.



If you want to translate it to your language, or even improve the translation files, please contact me. It will be better if the main mod supports all languages natively. And of course, I will credit you.

Next steps

Here is some features I wish to develop soon. Currently there is no release date due to RL commitments.


Feel free to send your suggestions! Use the 'Posts' tab.

Important notes

1. It shouldn't not work properly with the SV Expanded mod. COMING SOON.
2. This mod removes some Town bushes permanently. Backup your save before.
3. If you decline Robin's offer, you will not able to trigger the cutscenes anymore.

Life Cycle mod compatibility

Life Cycle is now compatible with Town School! Yay!

You can use both. Download Life Cycle here.

Penny and the kids now will go to the school.

Special thanks

Lemurkat, without your help this mod wouldn't be finished. Thank you so much for the assistance and bug fixing. I learned a lot with you!

nraittanna for the Life Cycle compatibility. I can't thank you enough! Amazing work!

Discord members: Ryan, Rotieh, Jesley and Inyo. You guys helped me a lot by testing the mod and pointing some bugs. Thank you!

Korean by wally232