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Allows the player to tweak how passing out at 2am is handled, and stops Jojo Mart and others from wandering onto your farm to put you in bed when you fall asleep on your own porch or barn.

Additionally adds configurable stamina costs to staying up late.

Permissions and credits
This mods adds 3 features:

1) It allows you to add a list of save locations where you can fall asleep without risk of Jojo Mart or others "finding" you and robbing you of 10% of your cash to move you to bed.
- By default these safe locations are the Farm, the FarmCave and any FarmBuildings.
        - By default there is a low chance (10%) that you can be robbed for 5% to 25% of your cash.  This can be disabled and is configurable.
        - By default this option is enabled, but you can also add a restriction that these locations are safe only if you have a spouse.

2) This mod will add a configurable stamina cost to passing out at 2am.  This is just to add some consequence for staying up so late in places where the monetary cost does not apply.  This feature can either be configured or disabled.

3) Finally this mod will add a stamina cost to staying up after a specified time..
- By default if you stay up after midnight you will lose 5% of your total stamina every 10 minutes.
        - This automatic stamina reduction will not drop you below 10 stamina points (this amount is configurable).
        - The start time and the percentage lost every 10 minutes are configurable.
        - This feature is enabled by default, but can be disabled.

This mod was primarily created for my own family game, so new features will only be considered if they add value to that game as well, however please feel free to fork and add additional features.  The source code can be found here: