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Stardew Valley Anime Mods by Ohodavi

What is this mod?

This mod contains SMAP Content Patcher files for Stardew Valley Anime Mods by Ohodavi. Download & extract this mod, then place the portrait files from Ohodavi into the ´╗┐assets/Portraits/ folder.

Why is this a mod?

I think Ohodavi's mod is great, but downloading and installing it is troubling. I spent a few hours learning the most simple implementation of SMAP Content Patcher - to get it working - and wanted to share it with others as I have seen many asking for one.

Please go to Ohodavi's mod linked above to support them and download the files and place them in this mods assets/Portraits/ folder.

This mod uses a very simple implementation of Content Patcher. If you have multiple Content Patcher portrait mods of the same character, there may be conflicts.