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Nice messages that describe how you wake up in the morning, or other things. Messages are based on the season and weather combination.

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...:::NICE MESSAGES:::...
##>-UPDATE Version 1.2.1-<##

Wake up each morning with a short messages which describes what you may see, feel, hear, or otherwise notice in the morning! This mod adds flavour text to your morning based on the season and the weather outside!

What's new?
  • i18n translation supported added by kionell ( Thank you so much!

  • Added config option to set time delay on which messages will fade out. See README for more details.
  • Total Rework!
  • Lots of new included messages for each season and weather combination!
  • Adding messages should be easier and more intuitive
  • Ability to change frequency of messages appearing
  • see the included README for more details.

~~~Comfy messages to add flavor to your day~~~
This mod adds little bits of flavour text and displays them each time you wake up in the morning. Messages are meant to describe those extra details you don't get just by looking at the game screen, such as smells, sounds, maybe even something in the corner of your eye. Included messages are meant to be in a D&D narration style, helping you immerse yourself into the game just that little bit more. And maybe even make you smile once or twice!

~~~Customize me!~~~
Messages are stored in the unifiedMessages.json file included with the mod. Open it up and change messages around as you please! You can also decided how often messages will or won't show up in mornings. Edit the number found in config.json to change the chances a message will show up form 0%-100%! (Set to 100% by default)
More detailed instructions on how to do all this are in the included README.txt.

~~~Looking Forward!~~~

Thank you everyone who's enjoyed my mod so far! Thanks to all of you I'm excited to continue developing this mod into something better and making more mods in the future!

From the bottom of my heart, Thank you!
-- Nori