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Empties out cabins for storage or decorating space. Intended for singleplayer use.

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This mod is only available here at Nexus Mods! If you see it anywhere else, it has been uploaded without my permission and should be taken down immediately!

Want to clear your cabins for storage or additional decorating space? I got'chu.


- Cabins empty of beds and kitchens, for a wide open space to use however you like
- Slightly bigger starter cabin
- Removal of walls separating the rooms for even more space
- Three versions, one that uses Farmhouse Redone, one that doesn't, and one that keeps the walls that separate the rooms. The FHR version and the With Walls version allow you to change the walls and floors as well as add more decorations to the walls.

A few closing notes:

- This mod is intended for singleplayer use.
- Seed box removal and cabin upgrades in singleplayer can only be achieved with the use of Upgrade Empty Cabins.
- With the non FHR version, you can place things on the walls, however there are some areas where you can't. This is because of the base game's original boundaries which cannot be changed without FHR.
- I wanted the walls and floors to remain consistent with the non FHR version, so I decided to make them unchangeable. Again, this is due to the base game's original boundaries which cannot be changed without FHR.

- Upgrading to the cellar upgrade does not give you an additional cellar. Instead, it shares with the one in your farmhouse. When you warp out, you will end up inside your farmhouse. (Note the fact that you may become stuck if you don't have the second farmhouse upgrade.)

- Recolors used in the screenshots are Rustic Country Town Interiors and Hojichas' Walls and Floors. They are NOT required for this mod to work.


- Download and install SMAPI and Content Patcher.
- Copy [CP] Jen's Storage Cabins into your Stardew Valley/Mods folder
- Load the game using SMAPI and enjoy!