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Set the spawn location for each pet!
(PC and Android)

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Pet Spawn Location

If you have 2 or more Cats and Dogs, then maybe this mod is for you.
All your pets spawn outside on a free spawn point (dogs near bowl, cats near house),
so that they no longer get stuck in each other.
Or set a new location for them via console (even in the town or in the house of your teammates)!
(works with PC + Android)

Not really needed with the mod "Adopt'n'Skin", because it also changes the spawn locations in the game.
So you not really need my mod, unless you want to place your pet in a specific place or if your pets get tangled.

Another good mods, if you want more pets:
More Animals (old, but works fine with SDV 1.5)
Cats and Dogs
Adopt 'n' Skin (Animal Skinner)

Pets can walk through other pets: PageDown (on(off)
Farmer can walk through pets: PageUp (on/off)

(the toggle keys you can change in the config.json)

it shows all commands

petspawnlocation list
it shows all your pets as list

petspawnlocation petname
sets the spawn location on non-rainy days for the pet

petspawnlocation petname rain
sets the spawn location on rainy days for the pet

petspawnlocation petname reset
sets the spawn locations for the pet to default

petspawnlocation petname rename newpetname
renames the pet (you should save the game afterwards)

(the mod will remember your settings because it will be saved in a pets.json file.)