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A re-skin mod for Demetrius & Robin.

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Contains an arrangement of re-skinned portraits and sprites for Demetrius and Robin, aiming to provide extra re-skinning alternatives for both characters, for players looking for variety, and users of other popular character re-skin mods alike.

These re-skins were originally meant for another mod which was never finished, and are being released now as standalones.

Each character includes an individual download in [CP] version to allow for customization with other mods, at the moment, seasonal clothes are not supported for reasons i'll state in detail later on.

Installation - 1) Content Patcher users, with no other [CP] mods for Demetrius/Robin
This mod requires Content Patcher, simply drag the files from this mod into your "Mods" Folder.
If you use a mod that already modifies character portraits/sprites via [CP] such, refer to the next point instead.

Installation -  2) Seasonal Skins mods users
As of 6/11/2020, permissions to patch the most used Seasonal clothes mod, using the assets their creators made were revoked, so until i make new assets there will be no compatibility patch in this mod download. I'll elaborate on this more later, either here, or on the comment section. 

Final notes on compatibility:
If you are interested in a compatibility patch for other mods, let me know in the comment section, if it's a mod i use myself, i'm very likely to support it with a patch, the only one that comes to mind and that generates an inconsistency is PublicAccessTV, since it depicts the original Demetrius portrait on the tv.
Regarding inconsistencies from vanilla content, one of the bundles in the community center depicts the original Demetrius until it's completed.
If there's any interest i'll provide instructions on how to patch these too.

-New assets in the form of seasonal clothes for both Demetrius and Robin.
-At least 1 other character not addressed by re-skin mods.