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Replaces tools with magical spells and runes.

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Crowley's Arcane Tools

At last!  No more physical labor required on the daily.
Unleash your inner witch and master powerful magic!
Use your energy to cast powerful spells that are much more fun than using a boring axe or hoe.


Replaces the Pickaxe, Axe, Hoe, Watering Can, and Return Rod with spell tomes and runes.

Each upgrade will change the appearance and name of each magical tool:

Pickaxe - Crush, Crushra, Crushraga, Crushraza, Crushrazaga
Axe - Cut, Cutra, Cutraga, Cutraza, Cutrazaga
Hoe - Dig, Digra, Digraga, Digraza, Digrazaga
Can - Rain, Rainra, Rainraga, Rainraza, Rainrazaga
Return Rod - Revertatur


Make sure you have Content Patcher and the latest patch of Content Patcher Animations installed, they are required for this mod to work.

Mods seen in my images: 

A Wittily Named Recolor - acerbicon (
Animated Gemstones - undare (

Thanks for the support!  Hope you enjoy <3