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Alters the colour of Iridium items in the game, along with a couple of other tweaks.

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I spent some time trying to find an iridium recolour that fit what I was looking for but in the end I decided to make my own, including a couple of tweaks I wanted. I'm uploading it incase anyone else would like the same thing.

A config will be generated when you first start up the game. This'll let you turn on/off certain parts of the mod. Change sections to false if you'd prefer not to use them.

What this mod does:
  1. Iridium items including tools, weapons, ore, the meteorite, etc changed to a desaturated blue.
  2. Stardrops have had their colour changed to match the new iridium colour.
  3. The base watering can is changed to green. (Inspired by Peachy Objects).
  4. Includes an option to work with the ore/bar/meteorite of Better Resources.
  5. The Iron Trash Can upgrade is altered to match the style of the others.
  6. Gold tools have been slightly desaturated.

Installation Instructions:
  1. Have both SMAPI and Content Patcher downloaded and installed.
  2. Download this mod from Nexus.
  3. Unzip the folder and put EITHER the Vanilla version or Better Resources version into your Mods folder.
  4. Load up Stardew.

  • 1.0 First upload.
  • 1.1 Now includes recolour of the Iridium Fireplace and Iridium Breastplate. Also fixes a missing png for the shoe colour.
  • 1.2 Fixed code errors causing the mod to overwrite the copper pan and refined quartz icons.
  • 1.3 Now includes the option for Pink Iridium. Combined files to make the mod more streamlined.
  • 2.0 Changed details on some of the sprites. Now comes in seven different colours! Blue, Green, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red and Yellow.
  • 2.1 Didn't update the content.json to work with all new colours. This has been fixed now.
  • 2.2 Now includes a Tempered Galaxy Sword recolour for use with Stardew Valley Expanded. (Thank you to FlashShifter for permission).
  • 2.3 Had to alter how the SVE compatibility works. Please delete any old version of the mod check the readme when installing.
  • 3.0 Updated for 1.5 to include a late game iridium item. Included a separate folder that uses the Iridium Bar, Ore and Meteorite of Better Resources. (Thank you to Cometkins for permission to use!).