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Your children are now big kids that get to go to school and travel around town. 'Seasonal' & 'Look like their parents'.
Support for many custom NPCs. still in development.

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  • Russian
Do Not Upload this mod to another site.

Your children are now big kids that get to go to school with Jas and Vincent, and travel around Pelican town exploring their interests. 

This Mod is in Development
It works, but more is being done. If there is something you would like to see, let me know. I'll try to add it in.

Must have Child to NPC  mod (I recommend getting it from Github because it has version 1.2.1, and nexus does not)
made for Stardew Valley Expanded  
Do Not Have A Third Child. Mod breaks when they get old enough to be an NPC
Do Not Give Your Kids Same Name as Another NPC. This will cause many problems.
Does not work on Mobile version.

Please go into Mods/ChildtoNPC folder
open config 
edit the ChildParentPairs section with    
"ChildParentPairs" : { "the name you gave child" : "name of child's parent",
"the name you gave child" : "name of child's parent",
"the name you gave child" : "name of child's parent" } (you can add more if need be)
your child's name is case sensitive  so put it in the same exact way you named them.
Your kids will take after your spouse, but if you get a divorce they have no one to take after. Setting up their parentage will make sure they stay the same kid, even if you marry someone else.

Please make sure your child is old enough to become an NPC before saying this mod isn't working. That is part of the Child to NPC mod and not this one. It is configurable.
baby becomes toddler 56 days after arrival. 



if you see anything wrong, please let me know. There is a lot to check over.
 NPC Map Locations is a fun mod, but the kids don't show up on it sadly. You can see them with UI Info to get some kind of idea of where they are.

For Gift Taste Spoilers, check out the articles page. It's the only one in there at the moment.
for the schedule... I don't have that posted yet because I am still making tweaks to it.

Special thanks to 
ErosDkAl (Fixed my terrible art)
for not only fixing up the girl portrait I created (it was a badly edited Jas), but also for making her seasonal and making them look like their parents, and making the sprites seasonal to.
Also fixed the boy portraits to look a bit less like Vincent.
you rule Eros ♥


Ghost3lboom for making     Russian Translation
I can't read any of it, but I'm glad another group of people can enjoy having their kids talk to them.

add second child scheduled and dialogue - possible 3 and 4 much later
work on sprites 
add parent dependent info - gift taste, dialogue, schedule (gifts are set up and some done, dialogue and schedule take forever to make)
Add kids to Festivals - done
add outfits for festivals 
add Heart Events - ...I have never tried this before... *internal panic*
ideas -Birthday heart event,
      farmer and me camping trip, 
      child jumping in mud on rainy day,
      reading that bedtime story if you said you would
    Hiked to the summit together
    Family beach day
add dialogue for the other NPCs to acknowledge kids existence. (it will be an optional download)
make schedule compatible with Vanilla

i bit off more then I can chew with this mod.

first child likes the outdoors and hanging out with jas and vincent. Loves animals (especially dusty)  and fish.
second child is a bit shy, preferring to be alone. A little bit of a brat to.