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Replaces large farmhouse bedspread with a choice of eight different Kingdom Hearts themed bedspreads.

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Kingdom Hearts Bedspreads is a content pack for Content Patcher that replaces your vanilla farmhouse bedspread with a selection of Kingdom Hearts themed coverlets. So your farmer can collect the kind of fan merch you wish existed in real life.

Mod includes:

  • Your choice between 8 different KH-themed bedspreads (pictured):
  • Dreameater Emblem
    Heartless Emblem
    Kingdom Hearts crowned heart logo
    Mickey Mouse silhouette/Lucky Emblem
    Nightmare Emblem
    Nobody Emblem
    Unversed Emblem
    Aqua, Ven, and Terra's Wayfinders

  • (in mod folder) Reference display sheet for the config file


  • Kingdom Hearts Bedspreads works as an overlay rather than replacing the farmhouse tilesheet, so this mod will be compatible with mods that recolour your farmhouse (new kitchens, darker wood furniture, etc.) and even many mods that adjust the size and dimensions of your farmhouse or add new rooms.
  • However, it may not be compatible with other mods that change your bedspread or that alter the base shape of the bed itself.
  • Requires the first house upgrade or later--your original, small bed will not be affected in any way.
  • Spoiler:  
  • If you have an idea for a bedspread design that would fit nicely with the collection and be doable within the format (no scenes or landscapes, etc.) feel free to leave a request for it. I have a few mods in the works but my intent is to expand this one as well and if I think your request is doable I might make it part of an update!
  • Pairs well with my Kingdom Hearts Characters mod.


Mod defaults to the Kingdom Hearts crowned heart logo bedspread. To select a different bedspread, consult the reference sheet included in the mod folder to determine which design you want, then open the config file (you may need to run the game once with the mod installed to generate a config file in the mod folder) and replace the word "Kingdom" with the bedspread shorthand of your choice, within the quotation marks.

How To Install:

1. Install/ensure SMAPI is updated to the latest version.
2. Install/ensure Content Patcher is updated to the latest version.
3. Download the Kingdom Hearts Bedspreads .zip file.
4. Unzip and add folder to your Mods folder.