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Gives your children a little more personality by adding in dialogue, likes, a default schedule, as well as the choice of ten babysitters (Alex, Sebastian, Maru, Abigail, Shane, Emily, Linus, Sam, Leah and Elliott) to look after one child each.

Permissions and credits
This content pack uses ChildToNPC to give your children a little more personality.

This includes dialogue, likes, and 11 different choices of schedules. Each schedule has several lines of dialogue relating to the schedule's activities.

Child to NPC has not been updated for a year. There are several bugs (cloned children, children not moving, schedules not working etc) that have not been fixed and functionality that hasn't been added (adding children to festivals, adding movie reaction dialogue, children in multiplayer etc).
I'm not a SMAPI developer and there's nothing I can do about this. Hopefully Child to NPC will stay working but who knows.

For now, please use the most recent versions of Child to NPC and CustomNPCFixes (not available on NexusMods). If you use Family Planning you should also download the unofficial update.

1. Don't give your child the name of an already existing NPC
2. Don't give your child a name with spaces in it, e.g. "Alex Jr"
3. Don't have more than 2 kids. This will mix up the children's names
4. Don't set the AgeWhenKidsAreModified  in the ChildtoNPC config file to lower than 56. Doing so will cause the menu to stop working.
5. Set "DoChildrenWander" in the Child to NPC config file to false. Leaving it as true will result in bugs in the schedule.

If you are having other difficulties getting the mod to work please type 'patch summary' in the black SMAPI window AFTER you load your save file, then upload your log to and leave the link in the bugs section. I won't be able to help without a log.

In the default 'None' schedule the child attends school, plays with Jas and Vincent on Saturday, does different things on their holidays depending on the season, and spends most of their time in the Community Center on rainy days. Two children can be on this schedule at the same time.

Or if you pick Sebastian, Maru, Abigail, Alex, Shane, Emily, Linus, Sam, Leah or Elliott as babysitters then the child will attend school and play with Jas and Vincent on Saturdays, and the rest of the time follow the babysitter on their usual schedule. The babysitters are designed to only look after one child at a time. You can put two children on the same schedule but they will stand in the same place.

This mod uses the default toddler sprites, and blank images for the portraits. But you can replace these by using sprites or portraits from elsewhere. Simply delete the existing images in the assets/images folder, and place your own images in the folder with the correct file names (toddler1.png and portraits1.png are for the first-born child, toddler2.png and portraits2.png are for the second child).

1. Make sure you have up to date versions of SMAPI, Content Patcher, Child To NPC and NPC Custom Fixes.
2. Unzip the file in Stardew Valley/Mods.

1. Run the game with the mod installed to generate the config file.
2. Then edit the text file and change the "None" to your choice of babysitter. The choices are Sebastian, Maru, Abigail, Alex, Shane, Emily, Linus, Sam, Leah or Elliott.
3. Be careful to use quotation marks "" and don't delete any commas.

By default Babysitter starts working 1 month after the baby turned into a toddler. If you want it to start working earlier then open the Child to NPC config file, and change the AgeWhenKidsAreModified to 56. You can also change other settings here such as curfew time. 

Future Work
I would really welcome help if anyone would like to contribute to the mod. No coding skills are necessary. Some of the things that you could do are:
- Creating sprites and portraits
- Writing dialogue and events
- Identifying locations where a child can stand when following a new babysitter's schedule
- Testing schedules to make sure that the child is at the same place as the babysitter

Portuguese version now available - Many thanks to mategibi!
Chinese version now available - Many thanks to weeazn!

Thank you to Elaho for contributing dialogue for each child's parent and personality versions of the general dialogue!