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Hairstyles, shirts, and shoe colours (with shoe sprites), based on Kingdom Hearts character designs and themes.

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Kingdom Hearts Characters is a content pack for Content Patcher that replaces a number of in-game vanilla items with ones based on Kingdom Hearts designs. Now you can play Stardew Valley as a variety of fully outfitted KH characters! You can also mix'n'match styles or simply enjoy some KH fandom rep on your own OC farmer with merch-like themed shirts.

Mod includes:

  • 29 Character shirts
  • 35 Themed shirts
  • 19 Character hairstyles
  • New shoe palette
  • 13 Character shoe object sprites
  • (in mod folder) Helpful hair/eyes colour guide PNG for main KH characters


  • All hairstyles and shirts are available from the character creation menu, so with the new shorts/skirts options in SDV 1.4, you can play as your favourite character from the beginning
  • The shoes are styled as recolours of existing boots and are available scattered in-game as usual. Base game shoe is black instead of brown for better initial matching palette. There is no option to play the game with one character's shoe as the universal default for every boot upgrade at this time, but that may be included in a future update.
  • All items are available using the CJB Item Spawner mod.
  • All hairstyles are available using the Wizard's appearance change or in the Customize Anywhere mod.
  • Kingdom Hearts Characters is compatible with mods that add new items to the game, but is not compatible with mods that alter vanilla game shirts, boots, or hairstyles.
  • Works well with my other Kingdom Hearts themed mod, Kingdom Hearts Bedspreads


A config file is included with options to toggle on/off each of the categories of changes (Hairstyles, Shirts, and Shoes). This way you can, for instance, play the game as your OC farmer but enjoy the merch-style shirts. The default for the mod is every category active. To change this, open the config.json file and change the desired categories from "true" to "false."

How To Install:

1. Install/ensure SMAPI is updated to the latest version.
2. Install/ensure Content Patcher is updated to the latest version.
3. Download the Kingdom Hearts Characters .zip file.
4. Unzip and add folder to your Mods folder.