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Add additional buff to non buff food. Now fried egg, omelet, pizza etc have their own buff. And there so many food that increase your speed like coffee did.

Permissions and credits
More Food Buff
It's annoying when you cook food with hard ingredient but that food don't give you a buff. So, i make this mod  to make all food have buff.
So all food not useless now.

Requirements :
  • Latest SMAPI
  • Content Patcher 

How to install :
  • Extract More food
  • Move to your /StardewValley/Mods

Note :
I think i'm not making all buff in food balance, because there is so many food and i just compare buff with total ingredient and sell price. So it's mean if some food need hard ingredient / expensive sell price, that's food buff it's good and time buff to disappear is longer.
But you can edit buff / time with your own.

If you like my mod you can endorse my mod to keep me update / making new mod. Thanks

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Note (If you want to make your own buff) :
  • Open content.json file in notepad / notepad ++
  • The 3 digit number is item ID, you can check in this link for reference 
  • If you want to edit buff you need to edit in "0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0"
  • If you want to edit buff time you can edit 8 : "number"

Buff Place :
  • First 0 number will edit Farming buff
  • Second 0 number will edit Fishing buff
  • Third 0 number will edit Mining buff
  • Fourth 0 number will edit Digging buff (unimplemented)
  • Fifth 0 number will edit Luck buff
  • Sixth 0 number will edit Foraging buff
  • Seventh 0 number will edit Crafting buff (unimplemented)
  • Eighth 0 number will edit Max Energy buff 
  • Ninth 0 number will edit Magnetism buff
  • Tenth 0 number will edit Speed buff
  • Eleventh 0 number will edit Defense buff
  • Twelfth 0 number will edit Attack buff

Buff Time :
Where X is equal to how many minutes you want the buff to last, and Y is the value in index 8.
(X minutes * 60) / 0.7 = Y

Credit :
Pathoschild for his SMAPI and Content Patcher
All SDV Modder