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Save your game options or keybinding and load it for all save game file.

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Save Game Options
It's annoying every time we play new game our options always reset to default. But this mod save your game options and your key bind. So, every time you play new game your old options / key bind will not reset to default.

This mod does the same thing and use same method as mod Persistent Game Options, but i add more setting to be saved and add key bind.
I love Persistent Game Options, but it's not updated anymore / abandoned. So if you looking Persistent Game Options alternative you can use this instead.

How this mod work :
  1. Install this mod
  2. Open SDV and open your options setting
  3. Setup your setting and key bind
  4. Then your setting and key bind won't reset even you use different save game file

Note :
  • This mod save your all options and key bind in mods/SaveGameOptions/data/SavedOptions.json. So if you edit SavedOptions.json may crash your game
  • If this mod have update, please delete old mod folder first

Changelog :
  • 1.0.0 Initial Release
  • 1.0.1 Add all key bind to be saved

Credit :
  • Pathoschild for SMAPI 
  • Xangria for Persistent Game Options
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