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Adds giant versions of many vanilla crops.

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This mod is a collection of images used for More Giant Crops, and adds giant versions for 21 vanilla crops that act just like giant melons, pumpkins, and cauliflower. In addition, it also includes a Content Patcher retexture of the vanilla giant cauliflower and melon!

The crops included in this mod are:
Nonregrowable/single-harvest - Potato, red cabbage, starfruit, sweet gem berry, beet, radish, yam, artichoke, parsnip, garlic, taro.
Regrowable/multi-harvest - Coffee, ancient fruit, corn, tomato, pepper, strawberry, eggplant, pineapple, blueberry, cranberries.

Giant blueberry and cranberry sprites were commissioned by Darcy91 for use in this mod.

----If you prefer less bright colors in your game, xxjasmine has made a recolored version that matches the darker-toned aesthetic of cometkin's Better Crops and Foraging mod. You should check it out here!

Giant versions of regrowable crops WILL replace your crops! This means if you have a field of, say, ancient fruit and a giant ancient fruit grows in the field, you will lose your already-grown ancient fruit plants and need to replant them at that spot. This works as intended and is not going to be changed. If you do not want this to happen, DO NOT install the folder called "Regrowable Crops".

This mod does not include any flowers! If you're looking for giant flowers, I recommend checking out Neo's Giant Flowers.

Install guide:
For: "Non-Regrowable Crops" and "Regrowable Crops":
- Download and install SMAPI and More Giant Crops
- Download the files from this mod and open them using an unzipping program
- Drag the folder(s) called "assets" into your /Mods/More Giant Crops folder
- You're done!

You can optionally delete any images for crops that you do NOT want to turn giant.

For: "Giant Melon and Cauliflower Retexture":
- Download and install SMAPI and Content Patcher
- Download the file from this mod and open it using an unzipping program
- Drag the folder called "[CP] Giant Melon and Cauliflower Retexture" to your /Mods folder
- You're done!

Uninstall guide:
Break every modded giant crop existing in your game, then delete the images for all the giant crops you want to get rid of from the folder /Mods/More Giant Crops/assets.

Mods used in the screenshots:
Darker Dirt and Cliffs
Flowergrass and Snowfields