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This mod edits some graphics to make the game look more realistic or like the Pacific Northwest, and translates the game language to Chinook Jargon (chinuk wawa).

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This mod edits some graphics to make the game look more realistic or like the Pacific Northwest, and translates the game language to Chinook Jargon (chinuk wawa), a native language of North America. Eventually the graphic mod and the translation mod will be two separate mods but for now they're the same one.

The mod is currently unfinished, I'll have more text translated and more images changed with each update of the mod. Please contact me if you want to help, I'd love some help!

NOTE! This is an experimental translation and the edited graphics are also experimental. The spelling of the Chinook Jargon and the look of some of the graphics may completely change in future versions.

Huge thanks to "Content Patcher Dialogue Tutorial", otherwise this translation wouldn't be Content Patcher!


To install:
— Make sure you have SMAPI and Content Patcher installed.
— Unzip this mod file, drag it into your Mods folder.
Set your game language to Japanese ( 日本語 ) if you don't want untranslated lines to show up as garbled characters.

Mod conflicts:
— This mod edits graphics, so it will conflict with other mods that edit town/tileset graphics. However the text translation is done in such a way that it shouldn't conflict with mods that add new dialogue events (those events won't be translated but also won't be erased).


Currently translated:

— All basic item names + descriptions
— Location names
— All graphics with text on them except Casino signs
— Title screen
— New game (Grandpa) intro
— Most of the multiplayer chat messages + game interface
— Weather, recipes, and luck on the TV (perhaps not 100% translated)

Currently untranslated:

— All character dialogues
— All quests
— Possibly all references to festivals
— Initial "choose your character" screen
— Some late-game stuff like Witch's Hunt mentions
— Random stuff I may have missed

Graphics and other things currently edited for reasons other than translation:

— Some fish now look more realistic, turned European corn to Native American corn, added stinging nettles and ferns as weeds
— Fixed salmonberries so they're the correct colour now, likewise improved the colour on/look of a few more items such as blackberries and maple syrup
— Turned wheat into cattails (wheat is a colonial food)
— Replaced sugar in all recipes with either honey or maple syrup (sugar is a colonial food)
— Changed a festival item that was already a sort of totem pole to an actual totem pole


Planned edits not in the current version:

— Translate all remaining text
— Replace most items (chairs, treasure chests, meals etc) with Native American / Canadian or generally more realistic versions
— Replace NPC graphics to be Native American / Canadians or Cowboys
— Add my own version of the Animal Husbandry/Butchery mod that includes offal
— Add Native / Cowboy recipes and meals
— Replace town buildings to look Native / Cowboy style
— Replace animals to be Native versions
— Change dirt, grass, tree, etc tilesets to look more like the Pacific Northwest

If you have any questions or comments, or if you'd like to help out with the graphics or translations, just let me know!