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A template for creating your own dialogue mod that uses content patcher. Contains a content.json and manifest.json ready for editing.

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Based on this dialogue template

This is the 2 files needed to make a dialogue mod that uses Content Patcher by Pathoschild. 

This template uses the editData function of Content Patcher to add or change entries for dialogue. For more information see the Content Patcher readme

Recommended download to accompany this are:
Visual Studio Code to edit the .json files
XNBExtract to see what the existing dialogue is for a character
7zip for extracting the contents of the zip file

What this template includes:
  1. A content.json file with 212 entries for dialogue and 108 entries for marriage dialogue
  2. A manifest.json file that just needs your personal mod information

Recommended reading for understanding how dialogue works:
  • The Stardew Valley Wiki has an introduction to using dialogue commands here.
  • I created a more in depth Guide to Dialogue using Content Patcher, featuring examples and explanations. This is a work in progress, and I am still updating it. Feedback is appreciated, either by leaving a comment here or on Google Drive.
  • Haywrites has a Guide to Dialogue for using .xnb mods; which while the yaml specific syntax is not applicable anymore, the design philosophies are. 

Once you are done adding dialogue to content.json, have filled out the manifest.json, and deleted all the comments from both files; simply put them in their own folder and put that folder in your \Stardew Valley\Mods\ folder.