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Drop the quality level of all items to be regular quality. Less clutter and less profit!

Permissions and credits
Community Center bundle requirements are updated accordingly. Tested together with Minerva's Harder Community Center Bundles.

  • Download the mod zip
  • Download and install SMAPI
  • Drop this mod into the Mods folder

  • BundleIngredientQualityMultiplicator: int = Multiply the quantity of a community center bundle ingredient by the required quality.
  • See the table in the README for a slightly better explanation.

Existing save
You can use it on an existing save. However, the quality will not be dropped right away. The quality will be removed once you add items to your inventory.
If you remove the mod, new items will have quality again. But already changed items will not be restored.

Some changes would require Harmony, which I don't intent to use at the moment.

  • Item quality is adjusted only AFTER it has been added to the inventory. Because of this, you should always keep an inventory slot open to be able to pick up items.
  • The "Botanist" profession is useless, because the quality loot will be regular quality after pickup.
  • You can't get the best response for the potluck soup, as it requires at least silver quality items.
  • Winning first place for the grange display is really hard, if not impossible.

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