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Adds a permanent (configurable) speed boost and the ability to teleport home at the cost of stamina

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This mod adds a speed boost and the ability to teleport home at the cost of stamina. This could be considered cheating but I consider it more of QoL mod because of the built-in limitations.

Version 1.2
  • Added an alternative method to detect configuration modifications if the ModTabSettings integration fails
  • Added support for interrupting the teleportation process (manually or through damage)
  • The energy used by the teleportation is drained over time during the casting period
  • The speed boost is disabled if the player is under the tipsy or slimed debuffs (both impact movement speed)
  • Added a teleport effect matching the one from the totems

Version 1.01-beta
  • ModTabSettings integration

Version 1.0
  • Initial release
Most aspects of the mod are configurable through the config.json file.

Value of the speed boost.
integer [0-25] (default: 2)

The key used to trigger the teleportation (displays a confirmation dialog).
keybind wiki reference (default: H)

CanPlayerInterrupt: ?NEW 1.2
Allows the player to cancel the teleportation if the activation key is pressed again.
⚠ Any spent energy is not recovered.
boolean true / false (default: true)

CanDamageInterrupt: ?NEW 1.2
Allows damage to interrupt the teleportation if the threshold is reached (See [DamageThreshold]([project]damagethreshold-new-12[/project])).
⚠ Any spent energy is not recovered.
boolean true / false (default: true)

DamageThresholdBasedOnTotalHealth: ?NEW 1.2
Controls how the damage threshold is evaluated (See [DamageThreshold]([project]damagethreshold-new-12[/project])):
  • if true, based on the [cur]total health[/cur] (chance of interruption is linear: easier)
  • if false, based on the [cur]remaining health[/cur] (chance of interruption increases as health declines: harder).
boolean true / false (default: true)

DamageThreshold: ?NEW 1.2
The amount of damage in % of the player's health that would interrupt the teleportation.
integer [0-90] (default: 10)

The amount of stamina depleted when teleporting home.
integer (default: 50)

The time period for which the teleportation is on cooldown (also resets at the end of the day).
timespan HH:MM:SS (default: 00:07:00)

CastCooldown: ⚠ Modified 1.2
The time in seconds it takes to perform the teleportation.
‼ You need to edit your config.json manually or delete it or the new version won't be able to load the configuration.
integer (default: 5) ⚠ The type of the value was changed from timespan to integer.

TeleportToBed: ?NEW 1.2
Controls whether the player is teleported to their bed or outside the farm (same as the Return Scepter).
boolean true / false (default: true)

EnableTeleportationEffects: ?NEW 1.2
Enables or disables the visual effects.
boolean true / false (default: true)

EnableTeleportationSounds: ?NEW 1.2
Enables or disables the sound effects.
boolean true / false (default: true)

Flag specifying if the teleportation feature is enabled in multiplayer.
boolean true / false (default: false)

Example file:
  "SpeedModifier": 2,
  "TeleportHomeKey": "H",
  "CanPlayerInterrupt": true,
  "CanDamageInterrupt": true,
  "DamageThreshold": 15,
  "DamageThresholdBasedOnTotalHealth": true,
  "StaminaCost": 50,
  "RecastCooldown": "00:07:00",
  "CastCooldown": 3,
  "TeleportToBed": false,
  "EnableTeleportationEffects": true,
  "EnableTeleportationSounds": true,
  "EnabledInMultiplayer": true

Source code available on Github.