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Wedding Extended High Res Wizards Portrait&Character

Requires Mods : SMAPI, PyTK, Portraiture, Content Patcher, Looking for Love

Permissions and credits
Do not upload this mod to another location.
Don't convert to another game.
I'm not active anywhere except Naver Cafe and Nexus mods.

Never use this character in any other wizard portrait.
Do not modify or refer to characters.

This Portrait and character is built on the basis of the Looking for Love mod.

● 1.0.1 ver.
1. Added character sprite.
2. The flower dance costume has been added (only four-way fixed motion is added).
3. Change the warp pose to fit the character.

Required Mods
Content Patcher
Looking for Love

Installation Guide
1. Install the required mod.
2. Install the downloaded files in the mods folder.
3.  \Stardew Valley\Mods\Portrait\Portraits
Create a new folder in the above path and install the Wizard.png file in it.
4. Access the game and apply the portrait by pressing the P button during a conversation with the NPC.

설치 가이드(한국어)
1. Required Mods를 모두 설치하세요.
2. 다운받은 압축파일의 [CP] Who_M_Wizard Character를 Mods 폴더에 설치하세요.
3. 압축파일의 [CP] Looking for Love폴더 내부 assets 파일을 사용중인 [CP] 결혼확장모드 안에 덮어씌우세요.
    (SVE전용 마법사 결확모드의 경우 경로가 다르므로, 모드 내부 이미지 파일들을  찾아 덮어씌워주세요.)
4.  \Stardew Valley\Mods\Portrait\Portraits 경로에 새 파일을 하나 만든 후, 그 안에 Wizard.png 파일을 붙여넣으세요.
5. 게임에 접속하여 NPC와 대화 도중 P키를 눌러 초상화를 적용하세요.