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Stardew Valley Gets Glam.

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Get Glam is a rewritten GetDressed/Kisekae for Stardew Valley 1.4. The base mod includes the dresser and all the face and nose options from Get Dressed. This mod differs from previous iterations since it adds content pack support.

There is an included Get Dressed Pack in the Downloads that includes the Accessories and Shoes added by Get Dressed.

There are seven different things that are added by Get Glam content packs:
  • Accessories - Up to 1024: including defaults.
  • Bases - No hard limit discovered.
  • Dressers - Up to 128.
  • Faces and Noses - No hard limit discovered.
  • Hairstyles - Up to 336: including defaults. Can be unlimited with SpaceCore.
  • Shoes - No hard limit discovered.
  • Skin Colors - Up to 4096: including defaults.

With 1.4, there is a new option to become bald. SpringsSong was kind enough to put together the bald assets for the different faces and noses.

The mod doesn't have any requirements besides SMAPI, although there is an optional requirement.

The optional mod is: SpaceCore
With SpaceCore the number of Hairstyles that can be added to the game can be pretty much unlimited.

Without any content packs, the mod only serves a way to change the face and nose as well as the other features of player customization.

Note: Without the SpaceCore requirement the mod can handle up to 336 new hairstyles including vanilla.

If you're a modder looking to add Accessories, Hairstyles, Bases, Dressers, Face and Noses, Shoes or Skin Colors for Get Glam, please view the GitHub `` for more documentation.

There is also a Sample Pack in the Optional Files section for help creating content packs for Get Glam.

Found Here: GitHub

Special thanks and credit to these people:
Pathoschild - For SMAPI.
SpringsSong - For kindly creating the bald assets.
Poltergeister - Actually updated Get Glam to use 1.4 character bases.
Advize and Jinxiewinxie - For creating Get Dressed.
Kabigon - For creating Kisekae.
The people at the #modding discord server. Great people.