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This mod adds items and customization options that allows the player to look like Zen Kubota from Zanki Zero.

Permissions and credits
Please only download this mod from here, I don't use any other modding websites so if you see it anywhere else it's stolen. (If I do end up granting permission for a repost, it will be listed here).

Since I love both of these games, and Zen is already a farmer I thought this would be a fun mod to make. This is my first time around making a mod for SV and the art aspect was pretty fun, the technical aspect gave me a bit of trouble tho. It should be functional now tho, but if you run into any problems please tell me in the posts or bugs section!

v1.1.0 adds a fancy formal shirt and black shoes from the Chapter 3 Ruin Event, the desaturated versions of these, and recolors the male red underwear to look like Zen's

This mod adds:
  • (v1.1.0) Formal shirt (you need to spawn it in with CJB, it's at the end of the tools and equipment section)
  • (v1.1.0) Black formal shoes (selectable in GG)
  • (v1.1.0) Zen's Underwear
  • Zen's gloves (as a base you need to select through GG)
  • Zen's shirt and pants (at the end of the tools and equipment section)
  • Zen's hair (towards the end of the hair list, set the saturation to 0 and the brightness to 100 for the colors in the screenshots)
  • Zen's shoes (selectable in GG)
  • Zen's hat (buyable from hat mouse or spawned in with CJB)
  • Scarf based on Zen's towel (last in the accessories list)
  • (v1.0.1) Desaturated version of all of these items (shirt/pants/hat is at the letter D in the tools and equipment section in CJB)


  1. Install SMAPI's latest version
  2. Install the latest version of the required mods: Json Assets, Get Glam, Content Patcher, CJB Item Spawner (to spawn in the shirt and pants with)
  3. Unzip this mod and copy it into your Mods folder
  4. ???
  5. Profit!

v1.1.0 Adds a formal shirt, shoes and changes the red male underwear to look like Zen's
v1.0.1 Added desaturated versions of all items (expect gloves) to make them look better with Toned down SV, Starblue and other such color scheme changing mods
v1.0.0 First version

Known Issues

(v1.0.1 and onward) To keep it short, I attempted to fix the shoe selection issue by converting shoes to CP, but if the farmer has a base or accessory on it resets the shoes to default. For now try restarting the game if it gets stuck on a shoe, unfortunately we'll have to wait until GG updates for this issue to be solved.
Sometimes the game freezes up as JA is trying to load in the clothes. If the game seems to be infinite loading, just restart it and it should load in on second try. It should stop doing this after it has properly loaded in once.

Special thanks to spacechase0 for making JA, MartyrPher for GG, CJBok and Pathoschild for CJB, Pathoschild again for CP and the #making-mods channel of the SV discord server for helping me out along the way!