Stardew Valley
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  1. kingliamb
    • member
    • 48 posts
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    !# HELP
    Hey modders!
    I have a couple questions that if people could answer it would really help me update this mod to it's fullest!
    - How do you disable gifting to custom npc's?
    - How do you disable mariner dialogue? Putting null as the value just prints his dialogue key in the world.
    - How do you disable the mariner sprite. I patched his sprite to a blank one and then it just looks like the mariner is invisible -- that is you can still talk to him.
    Thank you all so much!
  2. hung2563hn
    • supporter
    • 66 posts
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    Well he's a ghost so... shouldn't you make her a ghost as well ? She seems too normal to me
    1. kingliamb
      • member
      • 48 posts
      • 4 kudos
      haha i guess that's kinda the idea -- she's supposed to look normal. i'll add a patch for an option to make her a ghost later this week.