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A clean but not too clean standard map. Replaced most of the yellow dirt with tillable grass. Cleared a little bit of space behind the farmhouse and replaced the old ponds.

Permissions and credits

Since this is my first mod making this was kind of messy and this may still have some bugs. I may no longer be able to update this mod, so if you would like to make some changes that would be fine with me. 

✧ Features 
Tillable grass and less yellow dirt

Replaces standard map by default (configurable)
New ponds - LessPond by default (configurable)
Pet bowl - compatible with Starblue Valley and Eemie’s Map Recolors.

✧ Installation ✧

1. Install the latest version of SMAPI. 
2. Install Content Patcher.
3. Download this mod and unzip it, then copy the ‘[CP] A Greener Standard Farm Map’ folder into Stardew Valley/Mods.
4. Run the game once using SMAPI to generate the config file.
5. Access the config file and choose your settings. 

✧ Config Options ✧

> Option - choose between “LessPond”(no pond in the lower-right corner) or “AddPond”(has pond in the lower-right corner); defaults to LessPond. "OriginalPonds" (just the 2 original ponds from the standard map).
> MapToReplace - choose between “Standard”, “Foraging”, “Fishing”, “Mining”, “Combat”, and “FourCorners”; defaults to Standard.

✧✧✧ IMPORTANT! ✧✧✧

Please read below if you are using Starblue Valley or Eemie’s Map Recolor.
For Starblue Valley:
> Open it’s config file and find:
"GroundUnderBowl": “Default”, and set it to "GroundUnderBowl": "void”.

For Eemie’s Map Recolor:
> Open it’s config file and find:"Petbowl": “vanilla”, and set it to "Petbowl": "void”.

This is my first custom map/mod. I tested it and everything seems to be working but if you notice some bugs please do tell me. :)

Special thanks to monteso for letting me use the leaves surrounding the farm from his mod Monteso's Farm and Farm Cave Expansion.