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About this mod

A clean but not too clean standard map. Replaced most of the yellow dirt with tillable grass. Cleared a little bit of space behind the farmhouse and replaced the old ponds.

Permissions and credits

✧ Features 

Tillable grass and less yellow dirt

Replaces standard map by default (configurable)
New ponds - LessPond by default (configurable)
Pet bowl - compatible with Starblue Valley and Eemie’s Map Recolors.

✧ Installation ✧

1. Install the latest version of SMAPI. 
2. Install Content Patcher.
3. Download this mod and unzip it, then copy the ‘[CP] A Greener Standard Farm Map’ folder into Stardew Valley/Mods.
4. Run the game once using SMAPI to generate the config file.
5. Access the config file and choose your settings. 

✧ Config Options ✧

> Option - choose between “LessPond”(no pond in the lower-right corner) or “AddPond”(has pond in the lower-right corner); defaults to LessPond. "OriginalPonds" (just the 2 original ponds from the standard map).
> MapToReplace - choose between “Standard”, “Foraging”, “Fishing”, “Mining”, “Combat”, and “FourCorners”; defaults to Standard.

✧✧✧ IMPORTANT! ✧✧✧

Please read below if you are using Starblue Valley or Eemie’s Map Recolor.
For Starblue Valley:
> Open it’s config file and find:
"GroundUnderBowl": “Default”, and set it to "GroundUnderBowl": "void”.

For Eemie’s Map Recolor:
> Open it’s config file and find:"Petbowl": “vanilla”, and set it to "Petbowl": "void”.

This is my first custom map/mod. I tested it and everything seems to be working but if you notice some bugs please do tell me. :)

Special thanks to monteso for letting me use the leaves surrounding the farm from his mod Monteso's Farm and Farm Cave Expansion.