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Part of Stardew Enhanced - Adds various shortcuts throughout Stardew Valley to make getting from one place to the other less painstaking.

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shortcuts adds multiple pathways throughout Stardew Valley 
to make travelling from one place more... convenient? Yeah.


This mod is made to be as lightweight and compatible with
anything else:

- No custom textures - works with recolours/retextures

- It doesn't replace the whole maps, therefore it should work      
things like Stardew Valley Expanded     
(If anyone could try that out and report back it'd be extremely helpful)

- You can turn each shortcut on or off in the config file  

- All the shortcuts are blocked for NPCs, so it doesn't    
mess up their pathing


So what does it add exactly?

- A forest path from above Joja Mart to the Quarry Bridge


- A shortcut from the Playground to the Mountains

- A road from the Library to the right side of the Beach


- A coastal road from the bottom left corner of the Forest to the Beach

- A staircase to the Road from the Backwoods
- A small bridge from one of the Mountain islands to the Mine


- A staircase down to the riverside next to the Community Center

If you have any ideas for new shortcuts or any feedback whatsoever,
feel free to comment and let me know.


How to install:

1. Install SMAPI,Content Patcher and TMXLoader
2. Download with a mod manager  
2. Extract (Unzip) into the Mods folder in your Stardew Valley Directory.
3. Done!

If you are applying this mod to an ongoing game:
As this mod changes some bush placements,
it is very important to reset terrain features.

1. Download Reset Terrain Features by MabelSyrup.
2. Enter the game
3. Press 'L' / Open up the mod menu
4. Tick "Affect all locations" and "Bushes"
5. Click "Reset".

1. Download Entoarox Framework by Entoarox
2. Enter the game
3. Alt + Tab and select the SMAPI console*
*(the black window with a Stardew Valley logo that opens alongside your game)
4. Type "world_bushreset" without the quotation marks.

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