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Lets you change the profit margin any time via a config file

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Profit margins will increase or reduce the amount you can sell most things through the shipping bin or stores, while also reducing the purchase price of certain things like seeds. (More info on the wiki) Usually you can only set the profit margin at the beginning of a multiplayer game, and can not change it after without messing with your save file.

This is a simple mod I wrote for practice that allows you to change that margin with a config file. Already a year into the run but finding that you're drowning in money and losing the feel of a challenge? Here you go!

  1. Install SMAPI
  2. Download this mod and unzip into your mods folder

To Uninstall:
  1. Delete the ProfitMargins folder from your mods folder. All prices will return to whatever was set before

  • The config file will be generated after running SMAPI with Profit Margins installed once
  • "EnableInMultiplayer:" "true" or "false" . Toggle whether you want this mod work during multiplayer sessions. Default false
  • "ProfitMargin": Takes a value between 0 to whatever. Default vanilla is 1. 0.5 would be 50%, 3 would be 300%, etc

(Source code)