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New farmhouse interior made using Farmhouse Redone

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Note: This mod has always been plagued by bugs, and all of it from Farmhouse Redone so I can't do anything about it. Because of the instability of the framework, and my own lack of time, I will no longer be actively supporting this mod. As it's just a content pack, it should work as long as FHR works

I made this mostly for personal use. I wanted a larger farmhouse but not too big, with the rooms placed in a way that works with how I like to keep my storage and decoration areas.

  • A working kitchen from the beginning of the game
  • A working bathtub with stamina regen after your 2nd house upgrade
  • No spouse rooms after getting married. Have full control over your aesthetics

Note: I'm not married and don't plan to ever get married in my save files, so I've only done minimal testing with spouses and I have no idea how children work. Shouldn't break anything functionally, but there will likely be odd visual glitches

  • Install SMAPI and Content Patcher
  • Install Farmhouse Redone
  • Download and unzip the contents of this mod into your mods folder

  • 1.0.3 Changed the tilesheet I was using for the single bed in the starter house so that it is compatible with recolours
  • 1.0.2 Added a door to the cellar to circumvent FHR's broken cellar warp
  • 1.0.1: I realized I had zipped just the mod files rather than the folder containing them, so unzipping the contents into your folder would dump them right there. I apologize for the inconvenience. Also noticed I accidentally took out some wall information for the final upgrade in my released version. I have added those back in
  • 1.0.0: initial release

Known issues:
  • Farmhouse Redone is incompatible with the mods "More than Necessary" on MTN maps, and "Custom Walls and Floors." There's nothing I can do about this
  • There's some walls that won't accept wall decoration but can be decorated with wallpaper. I'm afraid I can't figure out why

The tilesheet for the bathroom was made by Prismuth!
Shoutout to everyone on the Stardew Valley Discord Modding channel for being super helpful