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Maybe an animal. Maybe a plant. Definitely adorable!

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/// @tiakallhas made an amazing improved version of this mod for BFAV that you can check out here.
/// their mod comes with new color variants (shiny and blue) and, as of a new update, even Venusaur!

🌿 🌱🌿 🌱🌿 🌱🌿 🌱🌿 🌱🌿 🌱🌿 🌱🌿 🌱🌿 🌱🌿 🌱🌿 🌱🌿 🌱🌿 🌱🌿 🌱🌿 🌱🌿 🌱🌿 🌱🌿 🌱🌿 🌱🌿 🌱🌿 🌱🌿

For some reason I got really lucky in SDV and fished out no fewer than 4 (!) dino eggs over the course of a few days. So I decided to forego my original resolution not to keep any livestock on my fishing save and build a coop to be able to hatch 'em all! But then i was faced with the reality that i just really want my dino to look like one of my favorite grass pokemon and also the sad fact that no one else has thought of this before :c .Β 

So I made this mod to remedy the apalling lack of mods that turn the cute vanilla dinosaur into an even cuter bulbasaur!

To install the mod:

🌱 make sure you have both SMAPI and Content Patcher installed
🌱 download this mod
🌱 place the mod folder in your \steamapps\common\Stardew Valley\Mods folder AKA the designated folder for Stardew Valley mods
🌱 enjoy!

please let me know if you notice anything off : >

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