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Prevents hats from changing your hairstyle while equipped.

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  • Turkish
Some hats change the player's hairstyle while equipped; this mod prevents that. 
After installing this mod, remember to put any old hat you got before into a dresser, then take it out again, so that this mod will have effect on it!

If you want to toggle for each hat individually whether it changes the hairstyle or not:
  • Open the content.json of this mod with a text editor.
  • Find the line that corresponds to the hat you want to edit. true means that the hat will leave your hairstyle alone. Change it to false so that the hat will change some hairstyles into pigtail. Change it to hide will make the hat completely hide your hairstyle (your character will be bald).
  • Save the file.
  • Put your old hat into a dresser and take it out, so that your change will take effect.