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SDVWM previously known as StardewValleyWeatherMachine is a fully modular based mod that uses real world weather forecast data to provide a customized farming experience where the weather in your location can impact your farm crops and harvest time. SDVWM can either act standalone or you can further enhance your gaming experience with add-ons .

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News and Updates:

Important Announcements: 
SDVWM_Environment is now in beta,
head to the downloads page to test it out and let me know what you think in the Forums.

State of the Mod Plans for 2020-2021:
  • Add compatibility with Android (By popular request)
  • Finish adding in the complete Exhaustion System
  • Develop an algorithm for determining seasonal harvest crops / extra crop chance.

  Submit your own feature or improvement to be added to this list for 2020-2021
SDVWM Feedback Form

Main Features:
2.0 Base Configuration:
Users can tailor their weather machine to their liking when the game first boots up a config.json will be generated automatically in the StarDewValley Weather Machine mod folder with the following settings:
  • API_Provider: Builtin (2.2+)
  • HUD Mode: type "Normal" for the Responsive heads-up display, type "Interactive" for the button style weather report menu (Can be accessed by holding down the L key, or type "Classic" for the original timed HUD alert based weather report.
  • TempType: Choose either F for Fahrenheit, C for Celsius, or K for Kelvin.
  • WindController: whenever the user's current location has a wind speed >= user entered meters per second , debris will populate on the player's screen and the speed of the debris is based on the current gust speed from the user's location, it will disappear when the wind speed is <= <set value> meters per second.
  • Seasonal Conditions: With every season, comes various perks and benefits: certain weather conditions in the game will affect the number of crops you receive at harvest and even the time before your crops are ready for harvest depending on the season. Use true to enable, false to disable. This feature is enabled by default
  • coldTemp: The minimum temperature required in order for cold weather related exhaustion effects to occur.
  • hotTemp: the maximum temperature required in order for heat related weather exhaustion effects to occur.
  • EnableExhaustion: set to true by default, you can set this to false if you would prefer to not experience weather related exhaustion effects on your farmer. 
  • EnableExperimental: set to false by default, you can set this to true if you'd like to get a preview of any upcoming features. However please note that the stability of these features is not guaranteed and I may not be able to provide support for these experimental features as they may be changed or removed with any future version updates.

2.0 Responsive HUD:

Your local forecast data is shown on the top left hand corner and is updated in real time, every in game day.
The HUD is responsive, so it'll fit any screen resolution. Of course, you can always go back to the "Classic" or "Interactive" modes by setting the HUD type in the mod config.json file.

Add-ons provide additional features not included in the mod by default and provide a customized experience to further your game play.

  • Ambient Light: The Ambient Light plug-in is available here.
  • Real-Time Weather Events: Allows Weather events to happen in real-time, rather than the next day, the plug is available here.
  • Environment (beta): This add-on for SDVWM will allow you to configure the environment in game and set up various effects that will provide a more realistic farming experience. You can have critters spawn in the game based on current weather conditions and in game season or view the current Astronomy data for your location as well as have the chance to find rare loot while fishing in game. Chance is determined by your local solunar forecast. The local solunar forecast is updated every in-game day. In the event that the player's location is not near any body of water, the fishing forecast chance to find rare loot will be determined randomly. The plugin is available here.
  • Example Add-on: Hello World Mod checks for SDVWM.ini which contains the stored data and is used by the mod and all add-ons, all you have to do is integrate the data into your mod or add-on and use your imagination. Let me know what are some of the things you've created with the data. I'll showcase mods / add-ons created by other users that used SDVWM for their mods on this page. The Hello World SDVWM plug-in is available here.

More add-ons will become available in the future.

Deferring Exhaustion
  • Sweating from a hot boiling sunny day stinks doesn't it? Well, fear no more.
Cool yourself down with an iced cold Joja Cola and be free from the torturing heat.
When you drink Joja Cola outside in the hot seasons, you'll be immune from Heat exhaustion for the next half hour.

  • Freezing from a cold winter day just isn't fun. That's why you should come to the Stardrop Saloon and 
warm yourself up with a nice freshly brewed cup of coffee. When you drink coffee outside, in the cold seasons,
you'll be immune from Freeze exhaustion for the next half hour.

Notice: Experimental features are intended to be quite buggy and unstable, only enable if you accept the risks.
Support for these features is limited but we appreciate you volunteering your efforts to test these features for us so that we can better improve them. 

Bug Fixes and Changes
  • Fixed an error with Precipitation not being a float and instead being returned as an integer.
  • Farmers will no longer experience weather exhaustion when the game is paused, rather the exhaustion will become active after leaving the menu if the conditions are met prior to the menu being paused.
  • Made some changes to how the mod handles file input and output (Thanks Pathsochild!)
  • Farmers will no longer get an error message when entering the title screen (Previously some farmers mistakenly got some nasty red game performance errors)
  • Precipitation will now affect the chance for extra crops and days before you can harvest. The formula used to calculate this is: reported amount of rain fall at the players location * 25% for extra crops chance and reported amount of rain fall at the players location * 10%; in the event that there is no reported rainfall; the default will be 1 day harvest and  25% chance for extra crops; the more rain fall; the greater amount of chance for extra crops BUT more days required before you can harvest. Eventually, this will be affected based on the current season; but for now this is the default formula used for all in game seasons.
  • In preparation for the next add-on release; the text box for SDVWM will scale dynamically if the upcoming add-on is installed; since the upcoming add-on will add additional information to the text box used by SDVWM.
  • Increased the time before a player becomes exhausted from 1 in game hour, to 2 in game hours and 50 minutes; this gives players more time to be outside without constantly going back in to rest up.
  • Mod is now compatible with SMAPI 3.6.1